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Hugh Warden's Journal

My father was Claud Franklin Clayton. This tree was prepared by my first 
cousin, Dr. Ken Clayton, from information in Family Notes and 
, a massive genealogical study by my father (and his Uncle),
 C.F. Clayton.

A much extended family tree is available at a Web Site provided by 
FamilyTree Maker. This hyperlink will take you to a page on that site
where families with surnames beginning with "Cla" are listed in alphabetical 
order. But the order is with FIRST NAMES, so you have to scroll down to
the "Johns" until you come to John S. Clayton, Sr. Click and you have our
family tree. See the brief directions on that tree page. You can really do
some very nifty things with it. Major families on that tree include Clayton, 
Ligon, Warden, Strother, Doolittle, Sprenger, Penner, and Osborn. See
Family Tree.

For references and links to the Family, see Links.

For an 18th Century Journal kept by one of my Scot ancestors, Hugh Warden,
 see Hugh Warden's Journal.

For family pictures, see Gallery.