Christmas 1999
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Christmas 1999

Christmas Eve is a time for the children and grandchildren to gather at Hounds Way. Following various activities that this family has established for its traditions, most return home so that they may celebrate Christmas in the morning around their own tree. This year Ann and Grayson were celebrating Christmas with the Heffner family. Max, Lisa, and Eric spent the night at Hounds Way. A few sample pictures follow.

Singing Carols as figures are placed in the Creche is a tradition.

After dinner, stockings are opened. With a limit of two presents to a stocking and each taking a turn, it takes some time!


After Stockings Jutta has lighted the candles on the tree in the parlor, all are invited to admire the results and speculate about the packages!

Remember! Santa will visit each home and leave presents for the morning. So next morning (Christmas), began with a sleepy breakfast...

And then Eric found out about Santa!

Jutta passed out presents.

And Lisa was pleased with her necklace from Max!

Christmas Eve 1999 at Hounds Way

OK, Actually Ann and Grayson were visiting his parents, but they were with us in spirit, so I cheated a little bit and cloned them in.