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The University Hour (over 20 programs)

The Silent Siren

Thirteen Programs on Resource Use for N.C. Departments of Agriculture, Wildlife, Industry, Labor, Welfare, Health, Conservation & Development, Education.

Anyone You Know

A thirteen week series showing progressive stages of alcoholism and the different individuals and agencies coping with the problem.

The series as a whole developed a total picture of alcoholism, but it was constructed so that each program was a self contained dramatic documentary.

Before the series was written, a year of research was spent on alcoholism - at hospitals, with Alcoholics Annonymous, Social Agencies, Treatment Centers, Clinics and with Research Institutions.

Nursery School Education (Four Programs)

Maternal Welfare

Out of Court

A series of thirteen programs detailing common Legal Problems in dramatic documentary form. (Director)

American Adventure (Twenty-six programs, Director)

Listen America (Director) Programs written especially for the series by:

Arthur Miller

Paul Green

Robert Frost

Randall Jarell

Archibald MacLeish

Norman Corwin

Pearl Buck

Noel Huston

Conrad Richter

John Gunther

Betty Smith

William Saroyan

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Domino A dramatic-documentary on alcoholism.

Diagnostic Signs A training film on disturbances in speech and gesture that can indicate emotional problems to the physician.

Patient-Doctor Relationships A training film for medical students.

Honor Council An orientation film for entering freshmen on the Honor System at the university of North Carolina

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Not By the Book A drama based upon incidents in the life of James Johnson Pettigrew.

Encounter A weekly hour-long program on different aspects of University life.

Shakespeare, A Portrait (Director) A 90 minute special with Franchot Tone, Eric Salmon, Janet Crowder, and William Hardy.

The Bennet Place (Director) A thirty minute documentary on the final events of the Civil War.

The Road to Carolina

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"What Do They Learn?," an address delivered at the September 21st meeting of the Regional School Contract Planning Meeting, Richmond, Virginia, 1981.

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"Men as Gods," Commencement Address, Thomas Jefferson High School, Alexandria, Virginia, June 2, 1983.

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"Let's Pretend Among the Tilted Psyches," The Chapel Hill Weekly, June 30, 1963. ("A Lost Day is Hard to Find," Buck Williams.)

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"The Non Sequiturs Are Dramatic," The Chapel Hill Weekly, July 24, 1963. ("A Slight Ache," Harold Pinter; "No Exit," Jean-Paul Sartre.)

"They Put Fun in Spring," The Chapel Hill Weekly July 31, 1963. ("Spring for Sure," Book by Catherine McDonald; Music by William Mason.)

"Ralph Dennis Plays Find a Home in Winston-Salem," The Chapel Hill Weekly, August, 1963. ("The Song of Marcel and Robert" and "Cue for Creon," Ralph Dennis.)

"'Experimentals' for Self-Revelation," The Chapel Hill Weekly, August 25, 1963. (Three new plays by Sally Cook, John Phelps, and Elizabeth Smith.)

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"'Under the Yum-Yun Tree' Isn 't Unrelentingly Yummy," The Chapel Hill Weekly, July 16, 1964. ("Under the Yum-Yum Tree," Lawrence Roman.)

"Triangle's 'Streetcar' a Rewarding Experience," The Chapel Hill Weekly, July 22, 1964. ("A Streetcar Named Desire," Tennessee Williams.)

"'Auntie Mame' Has the Moves But Still Needs Practice," The Chapel Hill Weekly, July 30, 1964. ("Auntie Mame," Jerorre Lawrence and Robert E. Lee.)

"'Kiss Me Kate' is Pure Stage Magic," The Chapel Hill Weekly, August, 1964. ("Kiss Me Kate," Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter; Book by Sam and Bella Spewack.)

"'My Fair Lady' Really Flies," The Chapel Hill Weekly, October 28, 1964. ("My Fair Lady," Book and Lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner; Music by Frederick Loewe.)

"Playmakers' 'Hamlet': Sorely Marred" The Chapel Hill Weekly, December 13, 1964. ("Hamlet," William Shakespeare.)

"Playmakers' 'Oh, Dad... ' Is A Gratifying Success," The Chapel Hill Weekly, March, 1965. ("Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Mama's Hung You in the Closet and I'm Feeling So Sad," Arthur Kopit.)

"Purefoy Players: Ham Without Shy," The Chapel Hill Weekly, March 31, 1965. ("Hay Feaver," Noel Coward.)

"The Cruise Was Ill-Fated in More Ways Than One," The Chapel Hill Weekly, April 4, 1965. ("Billy Budd," Louis 0. Coxe and Robert Chaprian.)


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