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University of North Carolina:

Associate Professor, Department of Radio, Television & Motion Pictures.

Director of Graduate Program, RTVMP

Director of Productions, Communication Center

Faculty Advisor:
Fine Arts Festival
Carolina Symposium
Aquaholics (Scuba Club)
Writers in Residence Program
Sigma Chi Fraternity

Founder, Church of the Holy Family (Episcopal)

Superintendent of Sunday School
Chairman, Every Member Canvass
Licensed Lay Reader

Drama Critic, Chapel Hill Weekly

Chamber of Commerce, Charter Member

Chairman of the Board, YM-YWCA, Chapel Hill, N.C.

President, Sigma Chi House Corporation, Chapel Hill, N.C.

Developed educational programs (radio, television, film) for North Carolina Departments of Agriculture, Wildlife, Industry, Labor, Education, We1fare, Health, Conservation & Development, as well as many civic and professional groups. (c.1950-1955)

Senior Advisor, Educational Broacasting Service, Jamaica (c.1964-1967), to establish their national educational television system.

Member of the three man task force that structured for President Johnson his recommendations for ETV which were adopted at the Hemisphere's Meeting of the Presidents Conference at Punta del Este. (c. 1967)

Special Advisor to the Assistant Secretary for Education (Paul Miller), Office of the Secretary, HEW, "to survey the needs of the United States in the areas of health, education, and welfare and to advise the Secretary how telecommunications may be utilized to meet these needs." (c.1967-68)

Peace Corps and USAID consultant for ETV in Brazil, Columbia and Uruguay. (c.1967)

Founder and Member of the Consejo Editorial de la "Revista de Tecnologia Educativa," the Journal of Educational Technology of the Organization of American States, 1973--

Consultant to OAS for implementation of Presidents' recommendations as one of the seven members of the OAS Group of Experts on ETV. (U.S. Member.) (c.1968)

Member of the Central working Committee on President Johnson's Task Force on Communications (Rostow) and co-author of the chapter on the use of satellites and telecomunications in less developed countries. (c.1968)

Consultant, Academy for Educational Development, in Palo Alto, California, with Stanford Research Institute, for development of criteria for evaluating national educational programs based on ETV in El Salvador. (c. 1968)

Consultant, Institute for Educational Development, for cooperative development of mu1ti-media educational training center in Latin America (with General Telephone & Electronics and OAS). (c.1969)

OAS Representative to the UNESCO world conference in Geneva, Switzerland to revise the protocols for International Customs agreements on Print, Film, Records, Electronic Recording, etc. (c.1975)


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