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XVI American Exhibition of Educational Radio-Television Programs

1st Place Award, 1952.

NAEB Fe11ow, 1953.

Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge:

CITATION: An outstanding achievement in bringing about a better understanding of the American way of life during 1954.

XIX American Exhibition of Educational Radio-Television Programs.

1st Place Award, 1955.

Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge:

Gold Medal, 1955.

XX American Exhibition of Educational Radio-Te1evision Programs

1st Place Award, 1956.

Fellow, Danforth Foundation, 1958-1959.

Fellow, Fund for Adult Education, 1959-1960.

Danforth Associate, 1961-1963.

American Foundation for the Blind:

One of thirteen scripts selected in national contest, 1962.

The Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida:

CITATION: IN RECOGNlTION Of the Singular Contribution in the Field of Educational Technology and International Development made by JOHN S. CLAYTON of the Organization of American States, the 1974 Distinguished Service Award is Given by the Center for Educational Technology of Florida State University.
Through his untiring efforts and creative leadership he has facilitated innovation in education in this hemisphere. Many new specialists have entered the field of instructional systems design and a bi-lingual periodical in educational technology was created.
Education for future generations of Children will be better and contribute more to improving the quality of their lives because of John Clayton's work.

(signed) Robert M. Morgan, Director Center for Educational Technology

Sydney R. Grant, Director Instructional Programs and Services

J.L. Grant, Dean College of Education


Certificate of Recognition

National Conference of Christians and Jews:

CITATION: For outstanding contributions during the past year to mutual understanding and respect among people of diverse backgrounds through the medium of radio.


Distinguished Achievement Award for Feature Article


Maxine Sitts, President -- June 16, 1983 The judges citation:

This piece, on the seemingly innocuous and dreadfully dull topic of why the members of AECT ought to attend its convention, is marvelously done. Author Clayton is a man of letters and he has connected the mundane event of their convention with Plato's idea that what ultimately motivates us all is the quest for immortality. More than that, he has pulled it off. Superbly conceived and written -- a real delight -- who cares that the subject is mundane? That the author can make such a silk purse out of that sow's ear really deserves recognition

(For "Just Ourselves and Immortality," Instructional Innovator, XXVII, No.8, November, 1982, pp.24-27.)


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