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                          March 1, 1992


The Olympics are never PC
With the Washington Post in DC
It makes them frenetic
When results have genetic
Implications to people like me.

Now I have to admit winter sports
Seem clearly to favor the sorts
Of people who grow
Up from birth in the snow
That is found near our better resorts.

'Tis summer when questions of race
May have something to do with the pace
Of the winners in track
Who so often are black
(But to notice that seems out of place).

Of course we all fear the worst
That a runner who finishes first
May prove ineffectual
At things intellectual
Not blessed, but genetically cursed!

Such thoughts we should keep to ourselves
Far away from our data bank shelves
It adds to the tension
To admit (much less mention)
That hobbits are different from elves.

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