Cosmos Ball
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Most of the clan living in Maryland assembled (via limousine) at Hounds Way for some picture taking of the finery being worn to this festive event.

Ann & Grayson surveyed the room and decorated the tree.

And John, Jr. & Vikki followed their example.

Max & Lisa making a handsome couple; Vikki, Max, and Doug kibbitz.

Susan and Douglas and the Dickens Village

John and Jutta in their Christmas parlor at Hounds Way.

The young set provided their elders with a limousine, including champagne. What fun!

Cocktails and hors d' oeuvres and conversation were the order of the day. Karen & Salo joined us.

Karen & Cheryl tipple while Ann nibbles.

Sol tells Grayson how things are with energy and we decide to have dinner!

A good time was had by all. No pictures of dancing. Drat! And I haven't a clue as to why some of these pictures do fine and others look absolutely horrible!


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