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Plato said the universal quest was for immortality, and it could be expressed by having children or by generating ideas... the inventor of the wheel is long gone, but his "idea" remains and is immortal.

Well, I have children, so in that sense I'm immortal! Perhaps this is another expression of the Platonic quest.

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This Web site will be divided into five sections.


This will include the usual vital statistics, plus a "bio-data," with the usual lies and evasions to include only the good news.



Over the years I've held various (and changing!) opinions about a variety of subjects, both trivial and momentous. A sample of current and past opinion. Also a considerable amount of detail on the home of Nero Wolfe.

family.jpg (112962 bytes)   Family

An introduction to "Rabbit's Friends and Relations," including Web sites when known.

   World War II

It played an important part in my life. Service record, letters, articles, this and that....


Every family collects its memories in photographs. These are some of ours.


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